Depending on what kind of service you offer you generally want to Give the option of 3 unique price packages for each different service

A low ball offer

A medium price ranged offer that you will sell the most of


A high range deal

This form of selling has been proven successful time and time again because it gives the customer context to your service

It gives a high range price point and the different services that come with that, this way people can see the value of each package

Sometimes if there are no other offers or prices for customers to compare with, they can feel your service isn’t worth the price you are setting

So how can you make your service more appealing?

Start by adding the plugin Responsive Pricing Tables To your website

Figure out how you can offer at least 3 different types of pricing plans, how much they will cost, and what each of them includes and add this to the plugin

You need to include all the information they need to make an informed decision, so make it appealing. Remember,, all your services are next to each other so they can be compared easily

Next add a payment processor

Adding a payment processor like PayPal, which I highly recomend, will insure your customers can pay you instantly, and won’t have time to talk themselves out of buying

I highly reccomend PayPal because it is usually accepted worldwide as the most secure payment processor

Finally add some customer testimonials

Testimonial rotator is a clean easy to use plugin which you can easily download to WordPress

This gives your customers context and information on how well your product has worked for others

And you are away!

Now all that’s left to learn is how to get customers to your website!!

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